Donnie’s 1st Birthday

We got up really early in the morning, and went to down to Southern,CT to pick up a changing table and various items of clothes and books, from the lovely Vanessa. We are very much appreciative, and it was very nice to meet you:) Everyone go check out her blog! Great food recipes, which most are on my list to try this week!

Once we got back into town, we went to Donnie’s God Mommy, Kristina's place to have some lunch and some yummy cake that she baked!

Doesn’t it look delicious?!

So excited, he wouldn’t stop clapping lol

Auntie Kristina and Myself
Then in the evening, we went to my mom’s college graduation. She finished her degree in early childhood! So proud of her!

My mom, my brother, Donnie and myself.

My mother and her dad (my grandpa)

My gramps and my bro

And that was our day. On June 12th we are going to have a little party for Donnie, just close friends and family, with some yummy food, and cake of course:)

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