This will be the last time I will ever have to deal with this insurance bill that I’ve been trying to cover so my son can see his doctor and for me to switch his doctor.
The bill went into collections on Friday so I called to get it sent to Kris since it was his insurance in the first place. After doing that I learned that I could call Cigna and try to get to the bottom of this problem since I got a hold of the client ID number. So I called Cigna, gave them the ID number and just guessed the address they had for Kris on file. Turns out it was his old address. So they definitely have the wrong birthdate on file (seriously pathetic), and they said Kris’ HR dept. has to correct the birthdate. They also claimed that they covered the bill 100% back in September! How is this possible? So I called the insurance dept. of the doctor’s office and basically asked them about this newly info that I just learned. Apparently, they only covered for the vaccines but didn’t cover for the actual visit. The lady I spoke to basically just told me that it wouldn’t hurt to try calling Kris’ HR dept. myself. So I did, and bam they are hopefully going to change it tomorrow. I’m so upset with myself for believing Kris that I couldn’t talk to them, and that it took so long to get this corrected. He wouldn’t just make this simple call out of spite. He utterly disgusts me. I hope after tomorrow I won’t have to deal with this anymore and I won’t ever have to deal with Kris ever again. Kris to me is just a sperm donor; he has no right to ever claim the title father.

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