Our Easter Holiday

First I have to start off with how much I love Easter! The confirmation of Spring and seeing the joy come to life with the sun shining, the flowers blooming, and the animals coming out from their winter hibernation it’s just so invigorating. 

This weekend was nothing short of wonderful. On Saturday I hosted an Easter Egg hunt for the children. I invited all my mama friends and their children. Nico and his brother hid over 150 eggs for all the children to hunt. I served some yummy snacks and drinks. We dyed eggs with shaving cream and filled our driveway with beautiful chalk art. It was a beautiful sunny but windy day, and the children- and parents- seemed to enjoy themselves. 

On Easter Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful church service in the morning, then went to my Aunt’s for lunch, and then to Nico’s parents for dinner. Overall this weekend was just absolutely beautiful and filled with love. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life. 

Here are some photos from the party that I collected from my very talented friends (Becky and Stephanie) and my mama. I couldn’t take any pictures since I was so busy hosting. 

You could find the rest of the photos from the party here.


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Luca saying “Please”, “Thank You”, “Cheese”, and “Cracker”. I can’t believe he’s going to 20 months at the end of this month😩

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Ahh Hello, Hello, Hello!

I’m totally sucking on this whole blogging thing. Like mentally I am constantly am trying to put the effort, like Oh yes when I get home I’m going to write about this, and oh this would be so good to share. Oh man I should really document the fact that I have a 19 month old who is constantly shaking his hips and always singing some sort of tune when he wakes up in the morning. Or that Adonis knows how to write his own name after 2 months of being at a home daycare! Or how about the fact that in less than 2 months I will have a four year old who is now obsessed with toy story that now we just have to have a Toy Story birthday themed party.

Oh yeah I should probably add, now that I work full time I feel guilty that I spend less time with my boys I should just give in and throw my boys a birthday party every year instead of just milestone birthdays. Not only that but I really do enjoy planning and putting together parties in general. Speaking of parties I am hosting a Easter party the day before Easter. I will have an egg hunt, arts and crafts, music, and snacks. Yes, I am crazy to host 20 kids at my house, and hand make decoration all while working a 40 hour work week, and keeping up with household daily chores along with you know keeping my kids alive. HA thank god I have my other half, Nico, love you babe and from what I hear hope the UCONN game is going well. 

I apologize for this all over the place blog post, its literally just my brain vomiting onto this keyboard. I want to mention that I started on the first of April a No Yelling Challenge with my Holistic Mom’s Group. I have to say so far I have yelled at least once a day, but I am being more mindful about it and am constantly reflecting at the end of the day about what I can do better/improve for the next day. It’s a 60 day challenge. I want to change not only for myself but for my family. I can do this. I will do this. I will end it here and this cute picture of the boys playing with their latest obsession:


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Adonis and Luca having fun with Lush’s “Fun” bath play dough! #lush #animalcrueltyfree #bathtime

Adonis and Luca having fun with Lush’s “Fun” bath play dough! #lush #animalcrueltyfree #bathtime

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Ahh it’s Friday!

I’m currently struggling in bed wishing that today I can walk out the door and it be sunny and warm. Daylight savings maybe this Sunday and Spring is only a few weeks away but gosh darn it I want Summer to be here already!

What makes it harder is working at Tommy Bahama where you first walk in you instantly forget about cold weather.

I’m looking forward to wearing flip flops everyday and not wearing a heavy coat all the time. Not having to worry about layering.

I can’t wait to start our first garden this year. I am determined! I want tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, peppers, kale, and FLOWERS. Lots of flowers, so I can place them on my dining table every week. I want my boys to experience gardening. To plant a seed and watch life grow before their eyes.

I can’t wait to do our family walks again. Going to the park and driving with our widows down. These moments will be extra precious since this will be my first spring/summer working full time.

So Spring hurry up and come, Winter you are already a thing of the past in my book.

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